How it works:

Why pay an agent? Why pay so much? Why pay upfront?

Good Buy Home is designed so that you the user have full control of selling your house, enabling you to identify serious buyers who are actually realistically suited to your property.

You know your home better than anyone else so who better to sell it?

All you need to do is register, upload your property and then users can email you completely privately through the website (no more annoying phone calls or multiple emails to your work account!) to ask questions and arrange viewings.

Make sure once your property is listed that you view it in your dashboard and click on the relevant social media links so that you get lots of exposure! It's a good idea to tell your friends and family to share the links also.


Register on

Click on selling

Enter your property details including a description. Be HONEST here. Better to get buyers who are genuinely interested than wasting everyone's time.

Take some good pictures of your property and upload (For help see our 'How to take a good photo section')

Upload a floor plan if you have one. If not, don't worry you don't have to have one but there is a link to our partner who can sort one for you.

Upload an EPC. Unfortunately everyone must do this now in order to sell a property in the UK. If you don't have one don’t worry, fortunately we have a deal with a national EPC provider who you can contact and they will come get this done quickly and cheaply.

Enter your lawyers’ details. Most people selling a property will already have a lawyer they have used, however if you don't or you didn't like them, don't worry! We have a deal with a national firm who through our site you can contact directly and they will sort everything for you at the best price.

Accept our terms and conditions and upload your property! It’s as simple as that. If at any point you need to go do something else, just save your property and you can come back later to finish it and get it live.

There are no upfront fees like other companies so we charge you nothing unless your property is sold via our website. We will deal directly with you or your lawyers to get our fees sorted, which is an unbelievable 0.1% of sale price plus VAT (with a minimum fee of £100). You can imagine how much money you are saving compared to a high-street agent or any other online portal!!


It couldn't be simpler. You can search through the site and see what is available. If you are potentially interested you can click on a property for more details. If it looks really good then you register and you can contact the owner directly to ask further questions so that you are sure this property would work for you and to arrange a viewing.

Any questions, email us at and we can help you.