How to take good photos

Tips for taking a good photo:

Try to avoid strong sunlight. In reality a cloudy day is best for indoors photos. Turn on the lights to add some warmth to your shots.

If you can, stand with your back to the main light source, or at least with the main source of light to your side.

Use a wide angle lens, if you have one, but don't go too wide - the room will look like a fishbowl!

Try to avoid tilting the camera up or down - you want to keep the vertical straight lines looking as straight as possible, but tilting the camera causes these to bend in or out. Sometimes you might need to crouch a little to get the whole room without needing to tilt the camera: you want the lens to be roughly halfway between the floor and the ceiling, pointing straight ahead.

If you're photographing the outside of the house, aim for early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Tidy up before you start. Light the fire, if you have one. Buy some flowers. Remember, you're trying to sell your house, not just document it, so give yourself the best chance by going the extra mile. It will pay off!

Maybe use a tripod if you have one to keep the camera steady.

Any further questions email us and we can help!!!