Selling Tips

Writing an enticing property description

First things first. When describing your property (and if you have further correspondence with a buyer) BE HONEST. The problem with estate agents is that they often don't tell the truth about a property in order to entice buyers in, but all they are doing are wasting your time, their time and the buyers time!

I recently was looking for a house in Oxfordshire and told the estate agents EXACTLY what I wanted. I saw 48 houses and not one was anywhere near what my wife and I had asked for. When I asked why they had wasted all this time showing us these places they just shrugged their shoulders and said "well you might have liked it". No I wouldn't!! Thats why I asked for the specifics in the first place! This is why I started Good Buy Home.

Describe your house in as much detail as possible.........why it worked for you, who you think it would work for, what great things are near by, schools, pubs, shops etc. ANYTHING you think a buyer should know. If its a flat on the top floor with no lift then its not going to work for someone lazy like me so you may as well tell me!! By having frank conversations with potential buyers you will end up with someone coming round that isn't going to get any surprises and could realistically put an offer in.

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